Thursday, May 31, 2018

My Collection of Vinyl Records, Audio Cassette Tapes and Audio CDs

Wow, it's been a year and a half since the last time I posted something on this blog. I have recently decided to get back to writing blog posts by writing a list of my collection of vinyl record, audio cassette tape and audio CDs for those who are curious.

Audio CDs:
  • Blue's Clues - Blue's Biggest Hits
  • Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Musical Movie
  • Brum - The Album (This CD was imported from the UK.)
  • Cars: Original Soundtrack
  • Cedarmont Kids - Bible Singalong Collection (Bible Songs, Action Bible Songs and Sunday School Songs) (2004 re-release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Gospel Singalong Collection (Gospel Bible Songs, Gospel Praise Songs and Gospel Action Songs)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Action Bible Songs (1990s release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Sunday School Songs (1990s releases)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Songs of Praise (2004 re-release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Silly Songs (1990s release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Lullabies (1990s release and 2004 re-release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Hymns (2004 re-release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Toddler Tunes (1997 re-release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Toddler Action Songs (2002 release)
  • Cedarmont Kids - Toddler Bible Songs (2002 release)
  • George Strait - Twang
  • Heartbeat Musical Therapy - Jesus Loves Me
  • Hide 'Em In Your Heart Songs with Steve Green Two for One (Volumes 1 and 2)
  • James Coffey - Come Ride Along With Me
  • James Coffey - I Love Toy Trains: The Music!
  • James Coffey - Lots and Lots of Trains (bonus audio CD)
  • James Coffey - Lots and Lots of Trucks
  • James Coffey - Lots and Lots of Trucks (bonus audio CD)
  • Rush - 2112
  • Teletubbies - The Album (1998 US release)
  • Teletubbies - Big Hugs (This CD is based on the Teletubbies reboot.)
  • Teletubbies - Nursery Rhymes & Other Fun Songs! (1999 US release)
  • Teletubbies - Bedtime and Playtime Stories (2000 US release)
  • The Best of Beethoven (I purchased this audio CD because one of the songs are included in Windows Vista as one of the sample tracks, so this disc is nostalgic.)
  • Thomas & Friends - Thomas' Train Yard Tracks (2002 release)
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  • VeggieTunes Volume 1
  • VeggieTales - Greatest Hits
Cassette Tapes:
  • 101 Dalmatians - A Lucky Christmas (bonus cassette tape)
  • Baby Animals at Uncle Larry's Farm (bonus cassette tape)
  • Putt-Putt's Night Before Christmas (bonus cassette tape)
  • Heartbeat Musical Therapy - Jesus Loves Me
  • Lionel Great Railway Adventures - The Daylight Limited (bonus cassette tape)
  • Lionel Great Railway Adventures - The Mighty Mogul (bonus cassette tape)
  • Lionel Great Railway Adventures - The Torpedo Run (bonus cassette tape)
Vinyl Records:
  • George Strait - Twang
  • The Very Best of VeggieTales
Currently, this list is incomplete. I will add more at another time.