Monday, August 31, 2015

My Thoughts on Grunko Films

Hello everyone. I am starting to make blog posts about my thoughts on things, which basically describe my opinions on things I care about. Here, I am starting off with a company called Grunko Films. For those who don't know what this company is about, it's a company that produced home videos about wildlife, fishing and hunting. Not only that, but they produced two TV shows, "Experience the Wild" and "The Wild Gourmet." (Experience the Wild had a home video series of its own as well.) Bill Grunkemeyer, the owner, started the company in 1982, ran it for a couple of decades and died in June 2003 at the home of Lou Gehrig's disease, so his company became defunct. Let's get on with my opinions...

First of all, I was really interested in children's home videos about animals (e.g. Baby Animals at Uncle Larry's Farm) when I was little, so my parents bought them, including two different home videos made by this particular company: "Baby Animal Fun" and "Wild Animals at Play." They are actually the 1999 re-released distributed by a Canadian company called Madacy Entertainment Group. The two home videos were first released in 1988. The VHS tape I loved the best was "Baby Animal Fun." Why you may ask? Because it features a little girl named Ashley Tyler and her dad Lyle Tyler (referred to as "Burr"). They go out on animal adventures. The episodes have amazing music. I was really obsessed with that home video, from 2002 to 2005. The second VHS tape, "Wild Animals at Play," was also great. The footage was nice and so was the music. Later on in 2014, I decided to start collecting more home videos.

What I like about this company is that their home videos have great music choices (some of the music tracks can be found on some stock music libraries, such as the ones made by FirstCom Music) and the narration, from Fred Arthur's efforts to Bill Grunkemeyer's talents, was really informative. It provided true information about how wildlife and nature work, facts about animals, etc. They're both entertaining and educational (great educational value of course), so think of them as "documentaries." I like the fact that they take place in Wyoming and a few other regions because the scenes look beautiful. Above all, those home videos are really great.

The bad? Well, they NEVER released their home videos on DVD, so all of them are exclusive to VHS, which really stinks. You'd think they would release their great shows on up-to-date technology because DVDs and Blu-rays took over VHS tapes. If they did so, I would buy all of them in a heartbeat! Also, they never released all of the Experience the Wild episodes from the TV series, nor the other TV show, "The Wild Gourmet." Thus the fact that it was only aired in Canada as far as I know, and Experience the Wild only aired in the state of Wyoming, which is weird. I think the productions really deserved to be released on modern technology products for future generations of wildlife fans.

Well, that's all I have to say about this company. I have some home videos made by Grunko Films, but I only have a few on Dailymotion at this moment because once in late 2012, I uploaded a couple productions made by this company. Nearly a year later, I was a little bit paranoid about copyright issues, so I moved them to my Dailymotion account (it's called ChristianGuy1). I almost forgot that I have a wiki on Wikia based on this company. Check it out here:

Thanks for reading!

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